What is an Inside Out Swing in Baseball?

An inside out swing in baseball is a technique used to make contact with the ball better. Hitters swing the bat from the inside to the outside of the plate, so the ball goes to the opposite field instead of pulling it to the same side. It’s used to hit pitches on the outer half […]

Are Weighted Baseballs Safe to Use?

Weighted baseballs are safe, yet use them with caution. Here are a few tips: Start slow. Use lighter balls and gradually increase weight when you build strength. Maintain proper form. Don’t over-exert your arm. Seek help. Consult a knowledgeable coach or trainer. Don’t overdo it. Too much use can lead to injury. Use weighted baseballs […]

How Many At-Bats Do MLB Players Get in a Season?

At-Bats in a MLB Season A MLB season consists of lots of plate appearances. Most of them are at-bats. At-bats are a significant statistic in the MLB. We’ll now look into the details. How many at-bats does an average player get? What factors affect it? And why are at-bats important? Let’s find out! Defining an […]

What Is the Strike Zone in Baseball?

What is the strike zone in baseball? It’s the area over home plate where, if a pitch passes through it, an umpire will call it a strike. The extent of the strike zone varies from umpire to umpire, based on the height and stance of the batter. It’s from the midpoint of the batter’s torso […]

What Do the Numbers Mean in a Double Play?

Understanding Double Plays Double plays are a must-know in baseball. But, many find the game mechanics tricky. Numbers in a double play explain what happened. Knowing how to read these numbers is key for understanding double plays. Let’s dive deeper and figure out what these numbers mean. Definition of a double play In baseball, a […]

Can You Bunt With 2 Strikes?

Yes, you can bunt with two strikes. However, it’s not a recommended strategy, as it increases the chances of striking out. When a batter has two strikes, they’re in a “protect the plate” mode. This means they’re more likely to swing than take a pitch. Bunting requires precision. If not done correctly, it can lead […]

Do All Runs Count on a Walk-Off Home Run?

Scoring a Walk-Off Home Run A walk-off home run is a thrilling play in baseball! It means the team that hit it, wins the game. All players on base get to circle the bases. Plus, all runs scored are credited! Let’s review the rules and regulations on this. Definition of Walk-Off Home Run A walk-off […]

What Does It Mean To Call Time In Baseball?

In baseball, calling time means halting play. An umpire or player can do this. Umpires might call time for many reasons. These include consulting with other umpires, treating an injured player, or dealing with gear issues. Players can call time for different reasons. These could be adjusting their gear, fixing their uniform, or asking for […]

Innings, pitches, and home runs are the fundamentals


A baseball game lasts nine innings and is decided by outs rather than time. Each club gets three players from the other team out to end each inning. A player is out if (1) they miss three pitches in a row, (2) an opposing team player catches the ball in the outfield (the grass outside […]