Innings, pitches, and home runs are the fundamentals


A baseball game lasts nine innings and is decided by outs rather than time. Each club gets three players from the other team out to end each inning. A player is out if (1) they miss three pitches in a row, (2) an opposing team player catches the ball in the outfield (the grass outside of the dirt path leading from base to base), (3) an opposing team player tags the player with the ball, or (4) an opposing team player steps on the base the player is running to while holding the ball.

A pitch is when a player from the opposing team, known as the pitcher, stands on a mound in the middle of the field and throws the ball. The batter is a member of the opposing team who attempts to hit the ball that the pitcher tosses. The ball is put into play when the batter makes contact with the pitcher’s toss, and the batter is referred to as a base runner. When the batter fails to hit the ball, it is ruled a strike and is caught by a catcher from the opposing team (standing right next to the hitter).

After putting the ball in play and returning to home base after touching first, second, and third bases in that order, a base runner scores. A home run occurs when a base runner smacks the ball into the stands (where you are seated) or far enough to finish a full run around all of the bases in a reasonable amount of time. A player can advance around the bases by hitting the ball or being hit by another player. When your team scores, you cheer, wave your arms, and hug your neighbour.

The must-haves: hot dogs, hamburgers, and more

Let’s move on to the essentials now that we’ve covered the fundamentals. Specifically, meals and beverages. Without a hot dog, a baseball game isn’t complete. My preferred topping combination is ketchup, mustard, and relish, but chilli and cheese are also good options. Pretzels, peanuts, and nachos are also popular, but a stadium concession stand hot dog will always hold a particular place in my heart and hand. And nothing goes better with it than a cold beer if you’re of legal drinking age, or a Coca-Cola if you’re not. Foam hands (those glove-like things that make your hands appear enormous) are an alternative.

It’s all about the nosebleeds, as a bonus tip.

Last but not least, if you want to remember a baseball game, acquire tickets for the cheap seats (which my friends and I affectionately call the nosebleeds). They provide you with a bird’s-eye view of the game as well as enough coin to buy an extra hot dog or two.

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